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Cougar Run | D/Wolves

Stay Together | Mars Water 

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Love Letter | SoKo

Happy Valentine’s day! French sweetheart SoKo has released a track from her upcoming album which, despite being a turn from the sound on her teary-eyed debut, is still completely lovable. 

Melt | KIDS.

Nobody told me that your lovin’
was gonna be this way
Nobody told me that you’d rather leave
when I’d rather stay 
I’m trying not to think of you but
your smile just melts my heart

American Beauty | Girlpool

I wanna pull your hair 
I want you everywhere 
it’s not enough to watch a movie 
eat me out to american beauty 

You really got me freaking out 
when you put your lips 
on my mouth 
and when i am going south 
i know 
i’m feeling fine 

Blah Blah Blah | Girlpool

You like me better in my underwear
When I kiss you, you get scared
I hear you talking like, Blah blah blah blah blah

How Do Girls Even Do It | Childbirth 

Ben reviewed patriarchy smashing punk album “It’s A Girl” by Childbirth. The album kills. Read the review here:

Come hang out. Listen:

Come hang out. 

Kids. at Bridgetown D.I.Y., Las Puente, California
Photos by Lora Mathis 

Nimzo Indians - San Diego garage rock three-pieceListen:http://nimzoindians.bandcamp.comPlaying tonight (11/26/2013) with Hibou and Big Bad Buffalo at The Che Cafe for $7! 

Nimzo Indians - San Diego garage rock three-piece
Playing tonight (11/26/2013) with Hibou and Big Bad Buffalo at The Che Cafe for $7!